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I'm a girl with eclectic likes, who also draws on rare occassion.

Deux Ex: Human Revolution, The Elder Scrolls, Space, Portal, Dragon Age, Cyberpunk, Blade Runner, BBC's Sherlock, Starwars, The Last Unicorn, Godzilla, Women's Rights, etc...

I also play Flight Rising, though I haven't been on quite as much. RoughSketch 13101




how do people that are 3hrs ahead of FR time or on FR time even stay up until rollover? yes, i know about insomnia. but the people that don’t have it. why not wait until you’ve had a good nights sleep before you hatch everything or use your gathering turns, etc?

i’m on FR time and I don’t always stay up for rollover…but i’m currently unemployed and like being up at night when everyone else is asleep, so why the fuck not.

I work midnight shift. I’m always up. Lol

I second this. I work graveyard, so rollover is always during my lunch. :D

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